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T.R. Woodruff; Author

Trails to Anywhere  Poetry ebook
Synopsis: T.R.'s first collection of poetry that invokes the many feelings of death, life, joy and happiness; Trail to Anywhere is a journey to the many places both real and imaginary. Nature and the Natural World create a canvass for the poetic lyric that is the medium to the message: Journey.

In 2010, writing from the grasslands of the Midwest, T.R. Woodruff left behind fourteen years of corporate America to pursue his passion for words. He earned his MBA from Webster University, and recently graduated from Lindenwood University. If you asked him, he would tell you he’s living his dream.
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Tony Angelo; Author

Cordon Bleu   Fiction ebook
Synopsis: A teenage boy survives the death of this mother. His father looses his job, car, and home. He is uprooted and forced to live with an Aunt he has never met. He learns what is important, meets a girl, and comes face to face with drugs. What will he do?

Tony Angelo is the author of a Poetry eBook, a few childrens books and a Host of Robin Falls Kids on Red River Radio. His new eBooks, Over night, over day, over you, and Too Face, are out and available for purchase. Tony Angelo and MLR Publishers have recently formed a joint venture, The dreams of our children eBooks. Tony is a menmber of the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group (IBPPG)

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Gerald Neal; Author

Christmas at Beacon Hill Fort From Southend, Southend-On-Sea, United Kingdom Fiction ebooks

Synopsis: Aden Hanby as a child finds himself wrenched from his home in the east end of London to the Essex countryside with his distraught mother and father. Only years later does he find out the reason, and the subsequent death of his father. A man called Freddy Hopkins who had started a fight with Aden's father in a gangster's drinking den had been the reason they had fled. After the death of his mother and in his late teens Aden tracks down Freddy Hopkins and murders him. Soon after that Aden slides into a life of drinking, drugs and crime himself. His is involved in two further shootings before finally meeting Jenny who he marries and both then decide to leave crime and London behind them. They set up a high street print shop and raise a family in Kent leading a happy normal life until a stranger arrives on their doorstep. He is Agent Scudder from the Organized Crime Unit linked to MI6 and demands that Aden complete an assassination on a known major drug dealer. If Aden refuses he is informed that all his previous crimes would be revealed and the fact that the drug dealer is the son of murdered Freeed Hopkins, would put his whole family in danger. Aden has no choice but to accept his mission and he goes undercover with a six months deadline. On Christmas Eve and the last day of his deadline a gas explosion forces Aden to make a dramatic escape from his rented flat in Harwidh and camp at a nearby deserted fort. Distraught for his family and drinking heavily, Aden considers suicide to protect them, but as he gazes into his campfire three local hanged witches appear before him offering their help.From there he is whisked into the moonlit sky inside the head of a crow to complete his mission before it is too late.

Biography: Gerald Neal lives in Essex, England. He is a brillant author, using creative writing and general history to cast spell binding stories that hold the attention of the reader. Christmas at Beacon Hill Fort is his first publication with The Dreams of our Children eBooks, in association with MLR Publishers, but not his last. Upcoming books to be released this year will be a must read for the fans of suspense and surprise.

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Marina Markovic; Author

A Grasshopper in the head  Childrens ebook

"Marina Markovic was born in Serbia, where she lives. She is the writer of childrens books, and has revived a Award in the International competition “Cajetina 2011.” of Library " Ljubisa R. Đenić " from Cajetina (Serbia) for the best aphorist,

She is living her dream with a taught that the world is small if we live our life with an open mind, and that is the way she lives her life.

Stories she write reminds of an early age when children learn about world in which they are carefree, happy and they know they are loved. With her creative communication skills she is not trying to impose heavy chains of seriousness and punishment upon children, as they are demanding, frightening and prohibiting. On the contrary, she is trying to use a range of skillfully developed situations to stimulate imagination of younger readers, to make children think and reach the right solutions.

Her first book “A Grasshopper in the Head” is an unusual and original story of friendship, respect, morality, education and conscience. This literary work has a great educational importance for children’s literature. Clear thoughts and easy storytelling makes this story acceptable and understandable to the children, which is the largest task of the author. This story has its meaning and its message in a children’s education. Besides the educational, the story has its artistic significance, based on the skillful combination of poetic acts. It is worth one’s attention because of the aesthetic pleasure it offers, the poetic superstructure of everyday reality, magnificence of its style acceptable by the reading audience, children before all, as well as for the universality of its theme and idea.

Yes, she wrote it for children, but as the things go the older should read it.

The purpose of the stories she write is to bring back confidence and trust in the system of values, which are slowly, but undoubtedly disappearing in the times of social and historical disturbances. Teaching of honor, respect, responsibility, sincere friendship and confidence within a family should become a part of not only one’s personal philosophy and child and childhood psychology, but they should represent the basic postulates, on which the children education is, and should be based. "

Dawn Reif; Author

Gimmee got drowned; Iwanna already has it all
Childrens ebook
Synopsis; This is two short stories told to the author by her mother as a young child. These stories are every child's dream, and brings them closer to appreciating what is real. They are short stories that make a big statement.

Maria Lohmann; Author_

How to Live in God's Plan  Fiction ebook
Synopsis; You can have the life that God wants you to have. This book contains scriptures and action plans to bring you into God's perfect will for your life. You can be happy and fulfilled, having wonderful relationships with family and friends. This little book is easy to read, and can be read one day at a time. Every day you can change your life, and walk closer with God.

Maria Loman has pursued her dream and is now living that dream. She is a Registered Nurse, Accountant and sort of jack of all trades. Most of all, she is a devoted Christian, learning every day how great God is and how to live in his perfect plan. She wrote this short book to share life experiences and biblical truths about God's great plans for our lives.

Emily Kurtyan; Author

The Beginning of Never  Fiction ebook
SynopsisAmy Wolf is a fifteen year old girl with depression. At-least, she was until the night she killed herself and became a ghost. Amy killed herself because she lost both her father and her grandmother; the only people that actually cared about her. Her mother remarried an alcoholic who abuses both Amy and her mother.
Amy watched her friends deal with grief without her. One by one she says goodbye to each one of them. She finds out that her boyfriend Carter cheated on her with her friend Brooklyn and seeks revenge on them. She says goodbye to her friends through their dreams, which she can enter in a process called “dream walking.”
Amy receives a ghost mentor named Ebony who explains to her what will happen now that she is a ghost. She has roughly a month to get closure before she moves on to Terra Porta Mortuua, or the land of the dead. Ebony tells her the story of her death; a story of love, jealousy, and murder. Amy and Ebony become great friends until she leaves for Terra Porta Mortuua.
After Ebony moves on, Amy meets the boy she must mentor, Evan. She feels an irresistible pull to him, and the two instantly fall in love. Amy tells him her whole story of why she killed herself. At the end of the book she admits that she was raped by her stepfather’s friend, got pregnant, and was forced to have an abortion. Finally, Amy finds love with Evan as a ghost, and peacefully moves on to her next life.

Author Emily Kurtyan lives in Pennsylvania with her mother and step father. She is in middle school. She has acted in many plays and sings in choirs. Emily participated in the NJ American MS Pageant. She loves animals, and enjoys a vegan lifestyle.

Karange'ae Chage; Author

Lost in the Forest by Karang'ae Chege born in Nairobi, Kenya.  A brother and sister get lost in the Forest, and are captured by gorillas. Will they be rescued? How will they escape?

Karang'ae always maintain that am WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS and HAPPY, 
and so are you. You just need to peer beneath the material illusion and see the light.

I believe that everything is spiritual and not material as it appears, that the greatest achievement is being capable of reasoning from a spiritual point of view.

Terry Ledwell; Author

Emerse by Terry Ledwell This is a book of poetry written by Terry Ledwell. He believes words are one of the most beautiful tools at our disposal.

Once you can touch another human being with words, there is nothing deeper but the love that accompanies it. Words can penetrate places that even darkness can't.

Terrence Ledwell was born in the
month of August 1968 in Philadelphia
to a hardworking southern bread mother of four. He has an associates degree in
electronics, and certifications in
computer repair. Now 42 years of age , he spends 
a lot of his free time thinking of
and learning new technologies along with 
putting his thoughts on paper
through his poetry.
   Being a paternal twin and having
no brothers in his immediate family,
Terrence grew up with three sisters
and fatherless. Early on he had to 
figure life out for himself through
the eyes of caring women who helped
raise him through-out his years the
best they could without the over-tone
of a man being around to help
express what a man should be. Although
he lacked a father, he had plenty of
father figures throughout his life. The
different point of views,
personalities and teachings, helped in the way he
approached a lot of situations with
feeling instead of just action and after 
   Raised through the public school
system, he took an intrest in any and
all things technological. Grasping
computers and electronics at an early age
broadened his horizons and exposed
him to elements that he could not find
growing up in his own neighborhood.
He has always had a pet to care for,
mainly dogs, and feels a close
connection with nature through other living 
    Terrence's dream is to one day
give back something to the world that actually
means something more than some
monetary gesture. He believes words are
one of the most beautiful tools at
our disposal to communicate ,if one knows how
to portray in words, what they may
feel in their heart. Once you can touch
another human being with words,
there is nothing deeper but the love that 
accompanies it. Words can penetrate
places that even darkness can't.